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    Ecuador doesn't want to supply Ukraine with weapons via the USA


    The South American country actually wanted to deliver outdated Soviet weapons to Ukraine via the USA. Then Russia put pressure on it and the deal probably fell through.

    Ecuador does not want to supply Soviet-era weapons to Ukraine after all. “Ecuador will not send military material to a country that is in an international armed conflict,” Ecuadorian Foreign Minister Gabriela Sommerfeld said in parliament on Monday. A few days earlier, Russia had lifted an import ban on Ecuadorian bananas that had been imposed following the announcement of the arms shipments.

    In January, President Daniel Noboa announced an agreement with the United States that stipulated that Ecuador would exchange Soviet-made military equipment for new weapons from the United States that would be used in the fight against drug gangs in the South American country.


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    Military equipment was to be delivered to Ukraine via the USA

    According to media reports, the plan included the delivery of six military helicopters as well as several rocket launchers and air defense systems, which were to be transported to Ukraine via the USA. Here you can read more about it.

    Ecuador drew Moscow's ire because of the planned arms deal. Russia imposed a ban on imports of bananas from five Ecuadorian exporters. Import restrictions on flowers from Ecuador have also been imposed. On Friday, Russia reversed this decision. Russia is the second largest buyer of Ecuadorian bananas after the EU.

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