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    Dries Van Music leaves Dries Van Music


    It must either be a bad coincidence or it must mean something that in barely 24 hours the zeitgeist brings first the farewell to Christian Streich from SC Freiburg and then the farewell to Dries Van Noten to his own fashion label just so nonchalantly at your feet pukes. Of course, both men have no idea about each other, an intellectual down-to-earthness, a friendly orientation towards nature – the intersection of their biographies is no greater. It takes someone to bridge the gap, which is why we would like to say here now: In an impersonal, heartless time, two men who have not only inspired people in their respective businesses with personality and heart, but have actually achieved success, have announced their resignation had. To top it off, they didn't ride even one single wave of success. Prank: twelve seasons. Van Noten: 56 seasons aka 28 times spring/summer, 28 times autumn/winter. Actually unimaginable.

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