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    Bam Margera Net Worth 2024: Earnings Career Cars


    Have you ever wondered what Bam Margera’s net worth will be in 2024? How much does he earn from his career in the entertainment industry? And what kind of cars does he own? Let’s dive into the fascinating world of Bam Margera and explore his journey to success, his ventures in skateboarding, film, and television, and the challenges he has faced along the way. Discover the truth about his net worth and the many surprises that await. Get ready to be amazed by the story of Bam Margera’s rise to fame and fortune.

    Early Life

    Bam Margera, born Brandon Cole Margera on September 28, 1979, in West Chester, Pennsylvania, had a nickname “Bam Bam” given by his grandfather. He attended West Chester East High School but dropped out after his junior year. Bam began his skateboarding career in 1997 and 1998, sponsored by Toy Machine Skateboards. He later joined Team Element, the demonstration team for Element Skateboards. Throughout his childhood and adolescence, Bam developed a passion for skateboarding and filmmaking.

    Skateboarding Career

    Bam Margera’s professional skateboarding career took off in the late 1990s after gaining recognition in the skateboarding community through his amateur skateboarding videos. Starting as an up-and-coming skater, Bam quickly caught the attention of major sponsors in the industry.

    Early in his career, Bam Margera was sponsored by popular skateboarding brands like Toy Machine Skateboards and later joined the demonstration team for Element Skateboards, known as Team Element. These sponsorships allowed Bam to showcase his skills and make a name for himself in the skateboarding world.

    Aside from his primary sponsors, Bam Margera also received support from a range of skateboarding-related brands, reflecting his influence and reputation in the sport. Some of these brands include Speed Metal bearings, Adio Footwear, Electric Sunglasses, Volcom, Landspeed Wheels, Destroyer Trucks, Destructo Trucks, and Fairman’s Skateshop.

    Bam Margera’s skateboarding achievements include pushing the boundaries of what was possible on a skateboard. Known for his fearless approach and innovative tricks, he inspired a new generation of skateboarders and left a lasting impact on the sport.

    While Bam has effectively retired from professional skateboarding and no longer maintains major sponsorships, he still enjoys skateboarding casually, keeping his passion alive and continuing to influence the skateboarding community.

    Film and Television Career

    Bam Margera rose to fame through his successful film and television career, with notable contributions to the MTV series “Jackass” and its spin-off shows and movies. His captivating stunt videos and films, including the iconic CKY video series, caught the attention of Jeff Tremaine, the editor of renowned skateboarding magazine Big Brother.

    As a result, Bam Margera became a central cast member of the Jackass reality series, showcasing his daring and often outrageous stunts alongside a group of fellow daring individuals. The immense popularity of the show led to the production of several successful films, including “Jackass: The Movie,” “Jackass Number Two,” “Jackass 3D,” and “Jackass 3.5.”

    Beyond the Jackass franchise, Bam Margera also created his own shows, leaving an indelible mark on the television landscape. One of his most notable projects is “Viva La Bam,” in which he documented his life and indulged in various adventurous and unconventional activities. Another significant show is “Bam’s Unholy Union,” which chronicled his journey to the altar with his then-fiancée Melissa “Missy” Rothstein.

    “I think the secret to television is having a great crew and a funny idea and just trying to execute it as best as possible.” – Bam Margera

    Bam Margera’s contributions to both film and television have cemented his status as a cultural icon, showcasing his unique blend of creativity, fearlessness, and comedic timing. His involvement in the Jackass franchise, combined with the success of his own shows, has solidified his place in the entertainment industry and captivated audiences around the world.

    Project Description
    “Jackass” A groundbreaking reality series that showcased the outrageous stunts and pranks of Bam Margera and his fellow cast members.
    “Viva La Bam” A reality show that documented Bam Margera’s unconventional and adventurous lifestyle, often featuring his family and friends.
    “Jackass: The Movie” A feature film that brought the outrageous stunts and humor of the Jackass series to the big screen.
    “Bam’s Unholy Union” A reality show that followed Bam Margera’s journey to marriage with his then-fiancée Melissa “Missy” Rothstein.

    Other Projects and Pursuits

    Aside from his work in the Jackass franchise and other television projects, Bam Margera has delved into various other creative pursuits. He has directed and starred in independent films such as “Haggard” and “Minghags,” showcasing his passion for filmmaking and storytelling. These projects allowed Bam to exercise his artistic vision and explore alternative narratives outside the realm of mainstream entertainment.

    In addition to filmmaking, Bam Margera has also left his mark in the music industry. He founded his own music label called Filthy Note Records, providing a platform for aspiring artists to showcase their talent. Through Filthy Note Records, Bam has been instrumental in nurturing emerging musicians and bringing their music to a wider audience. As a talented director, he has also directed music videos for various bands, including Clutch and CKY, his brother’s band.

    “I’ve always been drawn to music and the creative energy it brings. Directing music videos allows me to blend my love for film and music, creating a visual experience that complements the music itself.” – Bam Margera

    Furthermore, Bam Margera hosted his own radio show called “Radio Bam” on Sirius Satellite Radio. The show provided a platform for Bam to connect with his fans, sharing stories, music, and conversations. It became a space for like-minded individuals to come together and celebrate the rebellious and alternative spirit that Bam Margera embodies.

    In summary, Bam Margera’s creative pursuits extend beyond his television and film appearances. His involvement in independent films, music, and radio underscores his passion for exploring different artistic mediums and expressing his unique voice.

    Filmography Music Radio
    Haggard Filthy Note Records Radio Bam
    Minghags Director of music videos for bands like Clutch and CKY

    Personal Life

    Bam Margera has had a turbulent personal life, marked by multiple marriages and personal struggles. He was previously engaged to Jenn Rivell and later married Melissa “Missy” Rothstein. Their wedding was documented on the MTV series “Bam’s Unholy Union.” However, the couple divorced in 2012.

    Currently, Bam is married to Nicole Boyd, with whom he has a son. Despite his personal challenges, Bam has been open about his journey through alcoholism, drug addiction, and mental health issues. These struggles have led to rehab stays and legal issues, but he continues to work towards recovery.

    Regardless of the difficulties he has faced in his personal life, Bam Margera remains a beloved figure in the entertainment industry, with a strong fanbase supporting him throughout his journey.

    Real Estate

    Bam Margera owns several properties, including his famous “Castle Bam” in West Chester, Pennsylvania. The property, featured in his show “Viva La Bam,” includes various amenities such as:

    • Indoor skatepark
    • Swimming pool
    • Barn with a music stage
    • BMX track
    • And more

    In addition to “Castle Bam,” Bam Margera also owns another home in the area. This secondary property has been used for parties and is also listed as an Airbnb. Bam’s real estate investments reflect his unique personality and passion for skateboarding and entertainment.

    Property Features
    Castle Bam
    • Indoor skatepark
    • Swimming pool
    • Barn with a music stage
    • BMX track
    Secondary Home
    • Used for parties
    • Listed as an Airbnb

    Bam Margera’s Net Worth

    As of 2024, Bam Margera has an estimated net worth of $1 million. His wealth primarily comes from his career in the entertainment industry, including his appearances on the MTV series “Jackass” and its spin-offs, as well as his independent films and other television projects.

    Bam Margera has earned a significant income through various sources, such as endorsements, sponsorships, and his own music label. His involvement in the Jackass franchise, along with his personal projects in the film industry and television, have contributed to his financial success.

    Despite his accumulated wealth, Bam Margera has faced personal financial challenges and legal troubles throughout his career. These obstacles have tested his financial stability and presented obstacles that he has had to overcome.


    Bam Margera has carved a successful path in the entertainment industry, showcasing his talent and creativity through his appearances on “Jackass” and his own spin-off shows. Despite facing personal struggles with addiction and mental health issues, Bam has demonstrated remarkable resilience.

    His career achievements span beyond the realm of skateboarding, as he has also directed independent films, ventured into music, and even had his own radio show. Bam’s diverse skills and passion for pushing boundaries have contributed to his financial success.

    Although his net worth in 2024 is estimated at $1 million, Bam’s journey is a testament to the importance of perseverance and determination in the face of adversity. He continues to pursue his passions and inspire others with his fearless approach to life, making an indelible mark on both the entertainment industry and the skateboarding community.

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