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    Australia is investing heavily in new warships


    Australia is playing an increasingly important geostrategic role in the Indo-Pacific. Now the government wants to invest large sums in the navy. Frigates could also be built in Germany.

    Australia wants to restructure its navy in the coming years and significantly increase defense spending. To this end, the government will invest an additional 11.1 billion Australian dollars (6.7 billion euros) in the combat fleet within the next decade, reported the ABC broadcaster, citing the Ministry of Defense in the capital Canberra.

    Among other things, six large and “optionally manned” naval ships armed with missiles will support the country's surface fleet. Eleven new multi-purpose frigates will also be purchased, some of which will be built abroad.

    Fleet is to get 15 new warships

    Under the plan, Australia's current fleet of combat-ready warships will grow from 11 to 26, it said. The oldest warship still in service, HMAS Anzac, is to be retired immediately before the entire aging Anzac-class fleet is gradually replaced by new frigates. According to the authorities, these could be built in Germany, South Korea, Japan or Spain.

    The Australian Navy plays an important role throughout the Indo-Pacific, said its chief, Vice Admiral Mark Hammond. “This will be the largest surface force we have fielded in generations. Over time, it will also be the deadliest.”

    The USA, Great Britain and Australia had already announced a new “security alliance” called Aukus in 2021. The US government under President Joe Biden announced that it would allow Australia to acquire nuclear-powered submarines to strengthen security and military deterrence in the Indo-Pacific. According to security experts, the alliance was clearly aimed at countering the military threat from China in the Indo-Pacific.

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