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    According to experts, Trump is the worst president in history


    Leading political scientists in the USA make a damning verdict on Trump's presidency. His competitor Joe Biden is doing much better.

    Donald Trump once boasted that a US senator had certified that he was the “greatest president in the history of our country.” But according to a survey by the American Political Science Association (APSA), exactly the opposite is the case – at least if you believe the judgment of the 154 political scientists who took part in the survey.

    The scientists were asked to rate all 45 US presidents according to their “importance” on a scale of 0 to 100. The zero stands for political failure. Trump averaged 10.9 points, equal to last place. Finishing ahead of him were former presidents James Buchanan (44th place, 16.7 points) and Andrew Johnson (43rd place, 21.6 points).

    For comparison: President Richard Nixon, who was the only president to be removed from office after the Watergate wiretapping scandal, came in 35th place with 36.4 points.

    Abraham Lincoln at number one

    Abraham Lincoln was chosen as the most important president (93.9), who led the USA through the civil war with the southern states and abolished slavery. He is followed by Franklin D. Roosevelt (90.8), head of state during World War II, and father George Washington (90.3) in second and third place.

    The incumbent US President Joe Biden landed in 14th place in the ranking (62.7 points), just behind Bill Clinton (12th place, 66.4). Barack Obama came in seventh with 73.8 points. Obama's predecessor George W. Bush (40.4) came in 32nd place.

    However, Trump took the top spot in one category: the question of the most polarizing presidents of all time. Barack Obama came third in this category, behind Andrew Jackson, the seventh US president, known for his campaigns against the indigenous population of North America.

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