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    Who is Leaving General Hospital in 2024


    Get ready for some major shakeups on General Hospital in 2024! The beloved soap opera is set to experience cast changes and departures that will keep fans on the edge of their seats. From long-time favorites to newer additions, several actors will be bidding farewell to Port Charles.

    As the year unfolds, viewers will have to say goodbye to familiar faces such as Roger Howarth, Nathanyael Grey, and Zakary Risinger. These departures are sure to bring significant shifts in the dynamic of the show and pave the way for exciting new storylines.

    If you’re a fan of General Hospital, you won’t want to miss out on the buzz surrounding these upcoming cast changes and departures. Stay tuned for the latest updates and get ready for an unforgettable year of drama, romance, and intrigue on your favorite daytime soap opera.

    Roger Howarth Departs from General Hospital

    After 11 years on the show, Roger Howarth, known for his role as Austin Gatlin-Holt, is bidding farewell to General Hospital in 2024. In an interview, Howarth expressed his gratitude for his time on the show, highlighting the incredible support from the fans throughout his journey. As Austin, his character will make a memorable exit from Port Charles, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the unfolding drama.

    During his tenure on General Hospital, Howarth’s portrayal of Austin Gatlin-Holt captivated viewers with his charisma and nuanced performance. Fans have been captivated by Austin’s character development, and his impending departure marks the end of a significant era for the show. Howarth’s talent and dedication will undoubtedly be missed by both the cast and audience.

    Roger Howarth’s departure from General Hospital is a reminder of the ever-evolving nature of soap operas. As one actor says goodbye, another enters the scene, bringing fresh perspectives and storylines. While fans may be saddened by this departure, they can look forward to the exciting developments that lie ahead for the beloved characters of General Hospital.

    “My time on General Hospital has been an incredible journey, and I am grateful for the opportunity to bring Austin Gatlin-Holt to life. The support from the fans has been overwhelming, and I will cherish the memories and connections I have made during my time on the show.”

    – Roger Howarth

    Nathanyael Grey Says Goodbye to General Hospital

    Nathanyael Grey, who portrayed the character of Mason on General Hospital, is set to exit the show in 2024. The news was confirmed by executive producer Frank Valentini in a tweet. The details of Grey’s character’s exit have not been revealed yet.

    Grey’s departure from General Hospital marks the end of his time on the long-running soap opera. During his tenure on the show, Grey’s portrayal of Mason has captivated audiences with his compelling storylines and nuanced performance. Fans will undoubtedly miss seeing Grey’s presence on the screen.

    While it is always sad to say goodbye to a beloved character, the departure of Mason opens up new opportunities for storytelling on General Hospital. The show is known for its ability to reinvent itself and introduce fresh faces and intriguing plotlines. As fans eagerly anticipate the next chapter of General Hospital, they can expect the unexpected and be ready for surprises.

    Table: Recent Character Exits on General Hospital (2024)

    Nathanyael GreyMason
    Bonnie BorroughsGladys Corbin
    Darin ToonderDr. Montague

    The departure of Nathanyael Grey as Mason is just one of the recent character exits on General Hospital in 2024. Bonnie Borroughs, who portrayed the character of Gladys Corbin, and Darin Toonder, who played the role of Dr. Montague, have also bid farewell to Port Charles. These departures pave the way for new storylines and fresh faces to keep fans engaged and excited about the future of the show.

    Zakary Risinger Replaced as Danny Morgan

    In a surprising turn of events, Zakary Risinger, who has portrayed the role of Danny Morgan on General Hospital, will be replaced by Asher Antonyzyn. This casting change marks a significant shift for the fan-favorite character, Danny, as Antonyzyn prepares to take on the role starting in 2024. With the introduction of a new actor, viewers can expect fresh dynamics and exciting storylines surrounding Danny’s character.

    The decision to recast Danny Morgan comes as a strategic move by the General Hospital production team, aiming to bring a different perspective and energy to the character. While Risinger has brought his unique portrayal of Danny over the years, the arrival of Asher Antonyzyn promises a fresh take on the beloved character. The talented Antonyzyn’s portrayal of Danny is highly anticipated, and fans are eager to see how he will bring new dimensions to the role.

    “I am grateful for the opportunity to have played Danny Morgan on General Hospital. It has been an incredible journey, and I’m excited to see the character continue to evolve with Asher Antonyzyn taking over the role,” Risinger shared in a recent interview.

    The Future of Danny Morgan

    With Asher Antonyzyn stepping into the shoes of Danny Morgan, General Hospital viewers can look forward to intriguing storylines and character developments. The recasting opens up new possibilities for Danny’s relationships with other characters, including his parents, Sam and Jason. Fans will undoubtedly be on the edge of their seats as they witness Danny’s journey unfold with a fresh face and renewed energy.

    CharacterActorYears on Show
    Danny MorganZakary Risinger2016-2024
    Danny MorganAsher Antonyzyn2024-present

    Bonnie Borroughs Bids Farewell to Port Charles

    General Hospital has bid adieu to another beloved character as Bonnie Borroughs exits the show. Borroughs portrayed the character of Gladys Corbin, whose time in Port Charles came to an end in a dramatic storyline. After a four-year run on the show, Borroughs’ departure leaves fans with mixed emotions.

    “Playing Gladys on General Hospital has been an incredible journey. I am grateful for the opportunity to bring this character to life and for the support from the amazing fans,”

    Bonnie Borroughs expressed her gratitude for the experience and the love she received from the General Hospital audience. Throughout her time on the show, Gladys Corbin was known for her dynamic personality and the impact she had on the lives of other characters. Her departure marks the end of an era in Port Charles.

    While the details of Gladys’ exit have not been revealed, fans can expect a compelling storyline that will undoubtedly keep them captivated. As one door closes for Borroughs, another one opens for General Hospital as the show continues to evolve and introduce new characters and plotlines.

    CharacterActorYears on the Show
    Gladys CorbinBonnie Borroughs2018-2022

    Darin Toonder’s Reign of Terror Ends

    One of the notable cast changes on General Hospital in 2024 is the departure of Darin Toonder, who portrayed the character of Dr. Montague. Toonder’s character has been a source of intrigue and suspense on the show, as he carried out a reign of terror with his manipulative actions and sinister plots. However, fans can now breathe a sigh of relief as his time on the show comes to an end.

    The exit storyline for Dr. Montague is expected to be filled with gripping twists and turns, as his many misdeeds are finally exposed. The residents of Port Charles will finally discover the truth behind his malicious intentions, leading to a dramatic downfall for the character. Toonder’s portrayal of Dr. Montague has kept viewers on the edge of their seats, and his departure marks the end of a captivating chapter in General Hospital.

    “Darin Toonder’s portrayal of Dr. Montague has been nothing short of sensational,” says Executive Producer Frank Valentini. “He brought a depth and complexity to the character that kept our viewers hooked. We are grateful for his contribution to the show and wish him all the best in his future endeavors.”

    As fans bid farewell to Darin Toonder’s character, they eagerly anticipate what lies ahead for General Hospital. The cast changes in 2024 bring new opportunities for storytelling and character development, ensuring that the show continues to captivate audiences with its compelling narratives and talented actors.

    Dr. MontagueDarin Toonder

    General Hospital comings & goings 2024: A full list of actors returning or joining

    General Hospital Comings & Goings 2024: A Full List of Actors Returning or Joining

    General Hospital (GH), a cornerstone of daytime television on ABC, has always been a whirlwind of emotion, intrigue, and dramatic twists. As we gear up for 2024, the winds of change are blowing through Port Charles, bringing with them a mix of heartfelt farewells and exciting new beginnings. Here’s what you need to know about the comings and goings on GH, ensuring you’re up-to-date on all your favorite characters and perhaps some new ones too.

    Departures That Will Be Missed

    • Roger Howarth, a revered GH vet known for his role as Austin Gatlin-Holt, has decided to leave the show. After enriching the series with his talents for over a decade, Howarth’s departure marks the end of an era for his character and for fans alike. His exit interview, shared on Instagram, reflected his gratitude for the journey and the overwhelming support from the fans.
    • Nathanyael Grey and Zakary Risinger are also set to bid adieu to Port Charles. Grey, who brought Mason to life, and Risinger, known for his portrayal of Danny Morgan, have left indelible marks on the canvas of GH. Their exits are poised to stir the pot in Port Charles, leading to new storylines that fans are eagerly awaiting.

    New Faces and Welcome Returns

    • Asher Antonyzyn is set to take over the role of Danny Morgan from Zakary Risinger. This casting change is stirring excitement among fans, eager to see how Antonyzyn will put his own spin on the character. Danny’s storyline is anticipated to take new directions, promising fresh drama and challenges.
    • Rena Sofer makes a triumphant return as Lois Cerullo after a 26-year hiatus. Sofer’s portrayal of Lois left a lasting impression, and her comeback is one of the most anticipated events on GH for 2024. Lois’s dynamic presence is sure to shake things up, especially for her daughter Brook Lynn and ex-husband Ned Ashton.
    • The Quartermaine family is in for a treat as Jane Elliot reprises her iconic role as Tracy Quartermaine. Elliot’s return as the formidable Tracy is expected to bring back the sharp wit and complexity that fans have sorely missed.

    The Buzz Around Port Charles

    • Ingo Rademacher’s departure as Jax was a significant blow to fans, especially amidst the controversies surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine mandate. His exit, covered by outlets like Deadline and, sparked discussions on social media platforms, including Instagram, about the impact on the storyline, particularly concerning Carly and Jax’s complex relationship.
    • Cameron Mathison and Kelly Monaco, portraying Drew Cain and Sam McCall respectively, continue to captivate audiences with their evolving relationship. Speculation about their future in Port Charles is rife on social media, with fans dissecting every Instagram post for clues.
    • Mental health struggles are a recurring theme, shedding light on the importance of this issue in today’s society. Characters like Sonny, portrayed by Maurice Benard, have been pivotal in bringing these conversations to the forefront, much to the acclaim of fans and critics alike.
    • The COVID-19 vaccine mandate has been a topic of much discussion, with several actors, including Steve Burton and Ingo Rademacher, leaving the show due to their refusal to comply with the mandate. This situation has led to a mix of support and criticism from the fanbase, highlighting the diverse opinions within the GH community.

    Looking Forward

    As we look to 2024, General Hospital continues to be a melting pot of talent, with the comings and goings of actors enriching the narrative landscape of Port Charles. From heartfelt departures of long-time characters to the exciting returns and debuts, GH remains a daytime drama powerhouse, keeping fans engaged and invested in the lives of its characters. Stay tuned to ABC, follow the show on Instagram, and keep an eye on for the latest updates, ensuring you don’t miss a moment of the action in 2024.

    Who is leaving General Hospital in 2024?

    Who is Leaving General Hospital in 2024?

    General Hospital, the long-standing titan of daytime drama on ABC, continues to weave intricate tales of love, betrayal, and redemption. As we edge closer to 2024, the bustling streets of Port Charles are brimming with the usual suspense, heartbreak, and unforeseen farewells. This year, several key characters are set to depart from the canvas, each exit promising to leave a significant impact on the town and its inhabitants.

    Drew and Carly’s Unpredictable Journey

    One of the most talked-about storylines has been the evolving dynamic between Drew and Carly. As central figures in General Hospital’s rich tapestry, their complex relationship has captivated viewers, leaving many to speculate about their future. With the show’s knack for unexpected twists, fans are left wondering if 2024 will bring them closer or tear them apart for good.

    The Departure of Iconic Characters

    • Anna Devane’s tactical mind and compassionate heart have made her a beloved character since 1996. Her adventures and romances have been central to the show, making any hint of her departure a cause for speculation among fans.
    • Jasper “Jax” Jacks, portrayed by Ingo Rademacher, has been a formidable presence in Port Charles. Recent storylines, coupled with Rademacher’s real-life stance on the COVID-19 vaccine mandate, have fueled rumors about Jax’s potential exit.
    • Lindsay Hartley temporarily stepped into the role of Sam McCall during Kelly Monaco’s brief absence, sparking conversations about permanent changes. However, Monaco’s return has since quelled those rumors.

    New Faces and Returning Favorites

    • Spencer Cassadine’s tumultuous life continues to evolve, with Nicolas Bechtel and later Adam Huss stepping into the role. Spencer’s journey remains a pivotal part of the narrative as 2024 unfolds.
    • Nina Reeves and Valentin Cassadine’s complex relationship adds layers to the show, with Cynthia Watros and James Patrick Stuart delivering compelling performances. Their storylines are expected to take new turns this year.
    • Laura Spencer, the enduring matriarch played by Genie Francis, remains a cornerstone of the show. Despite rumors, Francis’s continued presence on GH is a testament to Laura’s significance to the narrative.

    Legal Battles and Emotional Goodbyes

    • The ongoing lawsuit storyline involving Elizabeth Webber and her family has introduced characters like Sydney Mikayla and Eden McCoy as Trina Robinson and Josslyn Jacks, respectively. Their performances have garnered attention and critical acclaim, adding depth to the legal drama unfolding in Port Charles.
    • Ryan Carnes and Chloe Lanier have portrayed Lucas Jones and Nelle Benson, respectively, characters whose departures have left lasting effects on the town’s dynamics.

    Behind the Scenes

    General Hospital has navigated through the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic with grace, adjusting storylines and ensuring the safety of its cast and crew. The show’s commitment to tackling real-life issues, such as mental health struggles and public health mandates, continues to resonate with its audience.

    As we look towards 2024, the comings and goings on General Hospital reflect the ever-changing landscape of daytime television. With each departure and arrival, the show reaffirms its commitment to delivering gripping drama and exploring the complexities of human emotion. Stay tuned to ABC and follow the show on social media for the latest updates, ensuring you’re part of every twist and turn that General Hospital has to offer.

    John J. York Takes Medical Leave from General Hospital

    General Hospital is experiencing another cast departure in 2024, as actor John J. York, who portrays the beloved character Mac Scorpio, will be taking a temporary hiatus from the show. York announced his decision on social media, revealing that he needs to prioritize his health and well-being. The actor’s medical leave is expected to last for three to four months.

    Mac Scorpio, a fan-favorite character known for his role as the Port Charles police commissioner, has been an integral part of General Hospital for many years. York’s portrayal of Mac has captured the hearts of viewers, and his absence on the show will certainly be felt.

    While York is on leave, the show’s writers are expected to develop a storyline that allows Mac Scorpio’s character to be temporarily written out of the show. Fans eagerly anticipate how the writers will handle Mac’s absence and what impact it will have on the other characters and storylines in Port Charles.

    Despite York’s departure, General Hospital remains a must-watch soap opera for fans, as the show continues to captivate audiences with its compelling storylines and talented cast. Viewers can look forward to the return of their favorite characters, as well as the introduction of new faces, adding fresh dynamics to the ever-evolving world of General Hospital.

    Rena Sofer Returns as Lois Cerullo

    In an exciting turn of events, General Hospital fans can look forward to the return of Rena Sofer as the beloved character Lois Cerullo. After a 26-year absence from the show, Sofer’s comeback has sparked anticipation and enthusiasm among viewers. Lois Cerullo was last seen in Port Charles back in 1998, and her return is sure to bring a fresh wave of excitement to the storyline.

    Lois Cerullo, portrayed by Rena Sofer, was a prominent character on General Hospital with a vibrant personality and significant connections to the show’s core families. Her return is expected to have a profound impact on the lives of those she crosses paths with, including her daughter Brook Lynn Quartermaine, her former husband Ned Ashton, and other familiar faces in Port Charles.

    The reappearance of Lois Cerullo offers an opportunity for the show to explore new dynamics and relationships, creating a sense of nostalgia for long-time viewers while also engaging newer fans. Rena Sofer’s portrayal of the character has been highly praised in the past, and her return is sure to deliver captivating performances and compelling storylines.

    CharacterActor/ActressYears on the Show
    Lois CerulloRena Sofer1993-1998

    Lily Anne Harrison Exits as Andrea Gates

    Lily Anne Harrison, known for her role as Andrea Gates on General Hospital, will be bidding farewell to the show in 2024. The character of Andrea, a surrogate mother to Molly and TJ’s baby, has been a significant part of the storyline and has captured the hearts of viewers. Unfortunately, Andrea’s journey on the show will come to an end with a heartbreaking turn of events.

    In an emotional storyline, Andrea will suffer a miscarriage, which will have a profound impact on the characters involved. The departure of Lily Anne Harrison’s character will not only bring about a sense of loss but also open up new avenues for storytelling and character development within the world of General Hospital.

    While it is always difficult to say goodbye to beloved characters, Lily Anne Harrison’s portrayal of Andrea Gates has left a lasting impression on fans. Her talent and dedication to her role have brought depth and authenticity to the character, making her a fan favorite. As Andrea’s journey on General Hospital comes to an end, viewers can expect a poignant and impactful exit that will leave a lasting impact on the show.

    Jane Elliot Returns as Tracy Quartermaine

    Exciting news for General Hospital fans! Jane Elliot is set to make a highly anticipated return to the show as the iconic character Tracy Quartermaine. After being away for some time to help her sister Bobbie settle Luke’s estate, Tracy is finally coming back to Port Charles. This is a thrilling development for loyal viewers who have missed Elliot’s captivating portrayal of the feisty and witty Quartermaine matriarch.

    Tracy Quartermaine has always been a fan favorite due to her sharp tongue, quick wit, and undeniable charm. Elliot’s portrayal of the character has garnered critical acclaim and earned her a loyal following throughout her time on the show. Her return is expected to inject new energy and excitement into the Port Charles canvas, and fans are eagerly anticipating the dramatic storylines that will undoubtedly follow.

    As the show continues to evolve, the return of familiar faces like Jane Elliot’s Tracy Quartermaine serves as a reminder of the rich history and enduring legacy of General Hospital. With her unique blend of humor, drama, and undeniable screen presence, Elliot is sure to captivate audiences once again as Tracy navigates the complex dynamics of the Quartermaine family and the trials and tribulations of Port Charles.

    As we look ahead to 2024, General Hospital is undergoing some significant changes with regards to its cast. Several beloved actors, including Roger Howarth, Nathanyael Grey, and Zakary Risinger, are bidding farewell to the long-running soap opera. While their departures may be bittersweet for fans, they also bring new opportunities for fresh storylines and character dynamics.

    The year 2024 promises to be an exciting one for General Hospital, with a mix of departures and returns. While we say goodbye to familiar faces, such as Roger Howarth’s Austin Gatlin-Holt and Nathanyael Grey’s Mason, we also welcome back familiar favorites like Rena Sofer’s Lois Cerullo and Jane Elliot’s Tracy Quartermaine.

    General Hospital has captivated audiences for years, and the changes in the cast only serve to further enhance the show’s ever-evolving nature. The soap opera remains a must-watch for fans, as it continues to deliver compelling storylines and memorable characters.

    So, as we embark on the journey that is General Hospital in 2024, we can expect twists, turns, and the emotional rollercoaster that has made it a beloved soap opera. Stay tuned for more cast updates, departures, and the captivating drama that only General Hospital can provide.

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