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    What Wissing really wants


    The Federal Transport Minister is threatening weekend driving bans, even though he is the last person who wants this. What's behind it and what happens next.

    Federal Transport Minister Volker Wissing (FDP) seriously irritated his coalition partners with statements about climate protection and provoked strong criticism. If the new climate protection law does not come into force before July 15th, there is a risk of “restrictive measures that are difficult to communicate to the population,” the minister wrote in a letter to the leaders of the traffic light factions of the SPD, Greens and FDP. “Comprehensive and unlimited driving bans on Saturdays and Sundays” are also possible. “This claim is simply false,” said the deputy leader of the Green Party, Julia Verlinden, in response to the completely surprising move. Wissing simply needs to present a concrete immediate program “containing sensible proposals that will lead to more climate protection in the transport sector”.

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