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    “Wait for the heavy brigades to come”


    Ukraine has launched a major offensive against Russian troops. There are first successes, but also losses. How exactly are the attacks carried out? And why are only a fraction of the new associations in action? what is known so far.

    Tens of thousands of soldiers were trained and held back by Ukraine for this purpose. There has long been speculation as to when it will begin, but now there is no longer any doubt: the Ukrainian offensive is underway. As with previous large-scale offensives, Kiev pays close attention to operational security, which is why little information leaks out. What is certain, however, is that Ukraine has been carrying out attacks with the newly formed units since the end of last week. Modern armored personnel carriers and main battle tanks, supplied by western allies, also appeared on the front lines for the first time. What do we know about the Ukrainian offensive? Answers to the most important questions:

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