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    Vinted focuses on luxury


    Many students hear the sentence from their parents at some point: “Now clear your things out of our basement.” The founder Cécile Wickmann received this order more than ten years ago. Most of her clothes were folded in boxes at her father's house. Throwing them away was out of the question, the items were of high quality and should be sold – but where? “Ebay already existed, but it wasn't necessarily for the luxury sector with an authenticity check,” she says. This is how her business idea came about: a second-hand platform for luxury fashion. A small Excel spreadsheet and a few Powerpoint slides later, Wickmann convinced investors and founded the company Rebelle together with Max Laurent Schönemann. Ten years later, second-hand goods are more popular than ever before, and Wickmann is also benefiting from this. Because the Rebelle platform is joining forces with the market leader Vinted.

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