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    The doctor and the dear distress


    Health Minister Lauterbach has invited resident doctors to the crisis summit. Are you complaining about bureaucracy and poor remuneration – rightly so? Visit to a family doctor who loves his job but is increasingly despairing of it.

    Thursday afternoon shortly after four, family doctor Michael Seidl has been on duty for nine hours and once again has to treat a patient at a preferential price. She stumbled and her knee hurts. Seidl feels it and says: “Ah, the bursa.” He puts a cooling zinc glue bandage on her, something not a given for a family doctor. But Seidl, owner of a practice in the town of Scheyern, with a population of 4,500, 50 kilometers north of Munich, is not only a general practitioner but also a sports doctor, so he can do it. He advises the woman to wear the bandage until the weekend and take ibuprofen take for the pain and heparin ointment for the swelling, “but the 60,000 is better.”

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