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    The anarcho-capitalist disturbs and inspires Davos


    At the World Economic Forum, the new Argentine President Javier Milei praises capitalism, with which he wants to lead his country out of misery, and warns the West against socialism – and against feminists.

    Javier Milei left the chainsaw at home. With it, the still very new Argentine president showed in the election campaign what he planned to do with the existing political system in Argentina. But at least he brought “the boss” with him to Davos. The boss (“El Jefe”) is his sister Karina Milei, who managed his election campaign, is now his general secretary and is considered the secret force behind his presidency. She accompanies him everywhere here in Davos. Just not on stage. There he is now standing at the lectern without her, with his usual messy hair, his glasses pushed down onto his nose and lecturing. Very professorial, after all, he was a professor of economics for decades. His topic: the blessings of capitalism or, as he calls it, free enterprise capitalism. And the misery of the opposite. Milei says: “Socialism is a violent idea that always leads to poverty.”

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