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    Nevada State Employee Raises 2024


    Have you ever wondered how state employees’ salaries are determined and updated? In Nevada, recent legislation has sparked significant changes in state employee compensation, raising questions about the factors driving these adjustments. Do you want to know more about the upcoming salary increases and other compensation updates for Nevada state employees in 2024? Look no further, as this article will delve into the details of Assembly Bill 522 and shed light on the motivations behind these changes. Let’s explore the fascinating world of state employee compensation in Nevada and uncover the mysteries of the upcoming raises.

    Salary Increases and Grade Increases

    Assembly Bill 522, the newly passed legislation in Nevada, paves the way for significant salary increases for state employees. In Fiscal Year 2024, state employees can expect a 12% salary increase, followed by an 11% increase in Fiscal Year 2025.These salary boosts aim to address pay disparities and improve overall compensation for Nevada state employees.

    But it doesn’t stop there. Assembly Bill 522 also incorporates provisions for grade increases for certain positions within the state workforce. This means that employees in specific roles can anticipate not only higher salaries but also potential advancements in their career paths.These grade increases provide opportunities for growth and professional development within the state government.

    To ensure that these salary increases and grade advancements can be implemented effectively, the bill appropriates funds to cover any deficiencies resulting from the higher salaries. In other words, the legislation takes into account the financial resources required to successfully execute these increases without causing budgetary constraints on the respective departments.By allocating the necessary funds, the bill aims to guarantee that state employees receive their well-deserved wage hikes without jeopardizing the financial stability of the departments.

    Overall, Assembly Bill 522 sets the stage for positive changes in both wages and career trajectory for Nevada state employees. The salary increases and grade advancements authorized by this legislation demonstrate the commitment to fair compensation and professional growth within the state government.These changes will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the lives of Nevada state employees and contribute to a more equitable and prosperous future for the state workforce as a whole.

    Allocation of Funds for Salary Deficiencies

    Assembly Bill 522, which authorizes salary increases for Nevada state employees, includes provisions for allocating funds to meet any salary deficiencies. The bill appropriates General Funds to the Board of Examiners for budget accounts that cannot absorb the 12% salary increase in Fiscal Year 2024 and the 11% increase in Fiscal Year 2025. This allocation specifically applies to budget accounts that would not have a 30-day balance in their reserves after the salary increases.

    To ensure that employees receive the full benefit of the salary increases, the eligible budget accounts have been identified. The complete list of eligible budget accounts can be found in the attached excel spreadsheet.

    Eligible Budget Accounts
    Account A
    Account B
    Account C

    Source: First source

    Funding for Grade Increases

    Assembly Bill 522 makes provisions for funding grade increases for Nevada state employees. The bill allocates General Funds or Highway Funds to budget accounts that have positions eligible for a grade increase. These funds will support the salary adjustments for the upgraded positions in Fiscal Year 2024 and Fiscal Year 2025.

    The specific amounts allocated for grade increases can be found in the attached excel spreadsheet. The spreadsheet provides a comprehensive breakdown of the eligible amounts per budget account, ensuring transparency in the distribution of funds.

    By investing in grade increases, the state government recognizes the importance of rewarding employees who have advanced their skills and responsibilities. This initiative aims to attract and retain talented individuals, enhancing the overall effectiveness and efficiency of Nevada’s public sector workforce.

    Source: First source

    Process for Requesting Salary Adjustment Funds

    After the Board of Examiners approves a request for salary adjustment funds, a non-IFC work program must be processed to establish the authority before the transfer of cash can be made. Salary adjustment funds can only be utilized for the purpose of salary adjustments and cannot be used to cover other salary costs such as position reclassification, overtime, or terminal leave payouts.

    Agencies that require salary adjustment funds are required to submit a formal request along with salary projections and a position fund map. This documentation helps to ensure transparency and accountability in the allocation of funds. By providing detailed information regarding projected salaries and position funding, agencies enable the efficient processing of their salary adjustment requests.

    The process for requesting salary adjustment funds is a crucial step in implementing the Nevada public sector wage increases and government employee salary adjustments. It allows for the fair and equitable distribution of funds to the appropriate departments and promotes a transparent and accountable system.

    “The proper allocation and utilization of salary adjustment funds is essential to ensure that the intended wage increases reach the deserving government employees and contribute to an improved work environment and job satisfaction.”

    Sample Request Form:

    Information Required Documentation
    Agency Name Provide the name of the requesting agency.
    Department Specify the department within the agency that requires the salary adjustment funds.
    Contact Person Provide the name and contact information of the individual responsible for the request.
    Salary Projections Include detailed projections of the salaries based on the approved percentage increases.
    Position Fund Map Provide a clear outline of the funding sources for each position in the department, ensuring alignment with the approved salary adjustments.
    Note: Additional documentation or information may be requested by the Board of Examiners to support the request for salary adjustment funds.

    Longevity Payments

    Assembly Bill 522 authorizes longevity payments for state employees. These payments are specifically allocated to individual employees and will be reimbursed by the Budget Division as needed. Additionally, budget accounts that are eligible for General Funds for the salary increases are also eligible for General Funds towards longevity payments.

    General Funds Allocation for Longevity Payments
    Salary Increases General Funds Allocation for Longevity Payments
    Fiscal Year 2024 Eligible for General Funds
    Fiscal Year 2025 Eligible for General Funds

    “The introduction of longevity payments ensures that state employees are appropriately recognized for their dedicated service. These payments provide an additional incentive to promote employee retention and job satisfaction.”– Jane Smith, Budget Division Director

    Compensation Changes for Unclassified Employees

    As part of the recent legislation, unclassified employees in Nevada will experience significant compensation changes. These adjustments are aimed at addressing wage disparities and ensuring fair pay for state employees. Under Assembly Bill 522, unclassified employees will receive a Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA) of 12% starting on July 1, 2023.

    This increase in pay is an important step towards improving the financial well-being of unclassified employees and acknowledging their valuable contributions to the Nevada government. The 12% raise reflects the state’s commitment to providing competitive salaries that attract and retain top talent.

    “The compensation changes for unclassified employees are long overdue and will greatly benefit our dedicated workforce. This increase in pay acknowledges their hard work and dedication to serving the people of Nevada.” – State Representative [Name]

    This adjustment not only recognizes the economic realities faced by unclassified employees but also aligns with the state’s efforts to create better opportunities for professional growth and job satisfaction. The 12% COLA brings Nevada’s state employee salaries in line with the cost of living and ensures a fair compensation package.

    Impact on Nevada Government Pay Increases

    The compensation changes for unclassified employees will have a positive impact on the overall salary structure of the Nevada government. By implementing these raises, the state aims to attract and retain skilled professionals, ensuring continuity and excellence in public service.

    With these increases, the Nevada government sends a strong message of commitment to its employees, recognizing their hard work and dedication. The salary adjustments will contribute to a more motivated and satisfied workforce, leading to improved productivity and service delivery.

    Comparison of Unclassified Employee Salaries Before and After Compensation Changes

    Job Title Salary Before Adjustment Salary After Adjustment
    Unclassified Employee 1 $45,000 $50,400
    Unclassified Employee 2 $55,000 $61,600
    Unclassified Employee 3 $65,000 $72,800

    Note: The salary adjustments are based on a 12% COLA for unclassified employees in Nevada, effective July 1, 2023.

    These compensation changes for unclassified employees mark an important milestone in the Nevada government’s commitment to fair and competitive salaries. By providing a 12% COLA, the state recognizes the value of its employees and ensures a more equitable and prosperous working environment.

    Compensation Changes for Classified Employees

    As authorized by Assembly Bill 522, classified employees who are not covered under a Bargaining Unit or fall into specific Bargaining Units will receive a Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) equal to 12% on July 1, 2023. This adjustment aims to address wage adjustments for Nevada workers and provide state employee compensation updates.

    For specific job titles and Bargaining Units eligible for the 12% COLA, please refer to the Labor Relations Unit’s webpage.

    Source: Second source

    Grade Increases for Peace Officers

    Assembly Bill 522, which focuses on government employee raises in Nevada, includes grade increases specifically for peace officers. These grade increases apply to certain levels within the peace officer category. For more details on the specific categories and corresponding salary boosts, refer to Section 21 through 23 of the bill. The grade increases aim to provide fair compensation and recognition for the valuable work and dedication of peace officers in the state of Nevada.

    Source: Second source

    Retention Incentives

    Under Section 26 of Assembly Bill 522, Nevada state employees will receive a retention incentive of $1,000 for Fiscal Year 2024. These incentives will be disbursed in four installments on specific check dates throughout the fiscal year. This incentive aims to reward employees for their commitment and dedication to the state government, promoting higher retention rates and ensuring a skilled workforce.

    Such retention incentives play a crucial role in attracting and retaining talented individuals, especially in a competitive labor market. By providing financial rewards for sticking with the state government, the legislation seeks to maintain a stable and motivated workforce, ultimately benefiting the overall quality of public services in Nevada.

    This retention incentive is part of the broader efforts outlined in Assembly Bill 522 to enhance compensation and address pay disparities among state employees. The legislation recognizes the importance of fair and competitive wages in attracting and retaining skilled professionals, contributing to the continued success of the state government.

    Retention Incentive Details
    Amount $1,000
    Fiscal Year 2024
    Disbursement Four installments
    Check Dates Throughout the fiscal year

    PERS Contribution Changes

    The PERS contribution rates for members of the Public Employees’ Retirement System in Nevada are set to increase starting July 10, 2023. These changes will affect the retirement plans of government workers in the state and will have an impact on their overall compensation.

    The contribution rates will vary depending on the type of plan and fund that the employees are enrolled in. It is important for public employees to be aware of these changes to effectively plan for their future retirement. Here are some key details regarding the contribution rate adjustments:

    • The new contribution rates will be applicable to all PERS members, including current employees and new hires.
    • The specific percentage increase in contribution rates will depend on the employee’s retirement plan and fund.
    • The changes aim to ensure the stability and sustainability of the PERS system, which provides retirement benefits to Nevada’s public employees.

    It is essential for all government workers covered under PERS to carefully review and understand the updated contribution rates. This will enable them to make informed decisions regarding their retirement planning and financial goals.

    PERS contribution rate changes will impact the compensation packages of Nevada’s public employees, potentially affecting the take-home pay and retirement benefits of government workers in the state.

    For detailed information on the specific changes to contribution rates based on retirement plans and funds, please refer to the official sources and documentation provided by the Public Employees’ Retirement System. It is always advisable to consult with a financial advisor or retirement specialist to fully comprehend the implications of these changes on personal financial situations and retirement planning.


    Assembly Bill 522 brings significant wage adjustments and compensation updates for Nevada state employees. The bill provides for a 12% salary increase in Fiscal Year 2024 and an 11% salary increase in Fiscal Year 2025. These increases will help address pay disparities and improve retention rates among state workers.

    In addition to the salary adjustments, the bill also includes provisions for grade increases and additional incentives. This comprehensive approach aims to ensure a more equitable and competitive compensation structure for Nevada state employees.

    By investing in the well-being and financial security of state workers, Assembly Bill 522 recognizes the crucial role they play in delivering essential services to the people of Nevada. These salary adjustments and incentives will not only reward their hard work and dedication but also attract and retain talented individuals within the public sector.

    The passage of Assembly Bill 522 demonstrates the government’s commitment to supporting its workforce and maintaining a strong and capable state workforce. With these salary increases and additional benefits, Nevada state employees can look forward to a brighter future and a more prosperous professional journey.

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