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    Navalny's body is to be transported here


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    Footage from traffic cameras is said to have captured the body of Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny being transported away.

    The independent Russian media company Mediazona writes this in an article.

    A police escort accompanies a limousine on the night of February 16th to 17th. According to Mediazona, the vehicles bear the imprint of the Russian penal system and the limousine has a civilian license plate.
    The time stamp shows that the convoy was probably on the move before Navalny's mother arrived.
    Despite demands from his family, the authorities did not hand over his body to his relatives.

    Instead, it is said that the body was handed over to the mortuary in the city of Salekhard.
    The videos are also supposed to show the vehicles on the ice road towards Salekhard. It is the only road between the penal colony and the morgue.
    However, the facility claims that the body is not on site.

    Mediazona also checks: On no other day was such a column on the move at midnight. So it doesn't seem to be a standard procedure.

    The recordings are further evidence that Russia is apparently trying to conceal the cause of death of Kremlin critic Navalny.

    People around the world are mourning Putin's opponents. Even in Russia, groups are protesting publicly, laying flowers and risking numerous arrests.

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