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    NATO should prepare for ground war


    Italy is supplying Ukraine with two important weapons systems. Robert Habeck defends Germany's change of course in Ukraine policy. All information in the news blog.

    The most important things at a glance

    London: Russians make small profits in Eastern Ukraine

    13:26: According to British estimates, Russia is attacking in eastern Ukraine primarily in the area of ​​the cities of Avdiivka and Pokrovsk. “Russian forces have made minor gains in the northern section of this front towards the villages of Sokil and Yevhenivka,” the British Ministry of Defense said in a statement regarding the fighting.

    A few kilometers south, the Russians have probably reached the outskirts of the settlement of Novoselivka Persha. “Further south, Russian forces have not made any significant gains, despite heavy attacks on Ukrainian positions west of the village of Netaylove, along the E50 highway.”

    The village of Nevelske, west of the city of Donetsk, is probably still in Ukrainian hands despite heavy attacks, London said. “This sector is likely to remain the focus of operations over the next week as Russian forces attempt to maintain the tempo of operations despite heavy losses.”

    Ukrainian ambassador calls for air defense by NATO neighbors

    12.25 p.m.: The Ukrainian ambassador to Germany, Oleksii Makeiev, has renewed his call for Russian air attacks on western Ukraine to be repelled from NATO territory. Russian missiles and drones should be intercepted with systems located beyond the Ukrainian border in neighboring countries. Makeiev writes this in a guest article for the “Zeit Online” portal.

    Currently, Ukraine is being subjected to a constant hail of Russian air strikes. In addition, Russian troops are advancing on the ground. “With every kilometer they occupy in Ukraine, they move one kilometer closer to the EU,” warns Makeiev.

    Oleksii MakeyevEnlarge the image
    Oleksii Makeiev: He calls for air defense by NATO neighbors. (Source: Christoph Schmidt/dpa/dpa-bilder)

    Report: NATO prepares for ground war

    11.22 am: In the event of a major European ground war with Russia, NATO has developed a plan with several “land corridors” to bring US troops and tanks to the front, reports the British “Telegraph”. According to this plan, the troops are to arrive in Dutch ports and then be transported by train through Germany to Poland.

    According to the report, the expansion of the routes to other ports is also being prepared behind the scenes. This is to ensure that the communication links cannot be interrupted by Russia's armed forces. Ports in Italy, Greece and Turkey are the focus of this.

    Leading politicians of the alliance had previously warned that Western governments would have to prepare for a conflict with Russia in the next 20 years.

    Baby among injured after Russian missile attack on Dnipro

    10.08 am: At least seven people were injured in a Russian missile attack on the Ukrainian city of Dnipro, which has a population of one million. “A boy aged one month is in a satisfactory condition and is being treated as an outpatient,” wrote the military governor of the Dnipropetrovsk region, Serhiy Lysak, on his Telegram channel. The 17-year-old had to be taken to hospital. Several houses and cars were damaged by the explosion and a subsequent fire.

    According to the Ukrainian Air Force, Russia fired two Iskander missiles and four drones from the Black Sea peninsula of Crimea, which was annexed in 2014. These were shot down by the air defense system. According to Lyssak, however, the missile debris crashed over the residential area and caused the damage.

    Habeck defends change of course in Ukraine policy

    3.40 am: Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck regrets that Chancellor Olaf Scholz did not implement his recent change of course in Ukraine policy earlier. “Everything we decided we could have decided more quickly,” Habeck told the “Augsburger Allgemeine”. At the same time, however, the Green politician defended Scholz against the accusation of procrastination. “Procrastination is the wrong word. Extremely difficult decisions have to be made and that is why it is good to weigh things up carefully,” said Habeck. “In this case, the right decision was made.”

    Government spokesman Steffen Hebestreit informed on Friday of the Chancellor's decision that Ukraine, which has been attacked by Russia, can now fire weapons supplied by Germany against military targets in Russia. The day before, the US government had given Ukraine permission to use American weapons on a limited scale against targets on Russian territory.

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