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    How this company is revolutionizing home care


    And then, just before the end, the old lady says something. An “Ü” can be heard, an “A”, but what exactly? Carina Plattner, her brown hair in a ponytail, sneakers, walks next to the bed, puts her ear next to her wrinkled mouth. The lady puffs, pushes herself up, breathes: “Massage your feet” and sinks into the pillows. Actually, nurse Carina Plattner has finished her work with the patient in the Munich settlement Alte Heide for today. “The feet?” she repeats loudly. The lady lowers her head millimeters, a nod. Plattner opens the blanket, takes off a sock, rubs the thin skin with the blue veins and asks “So?”. Then the second foot. “You’ve done it,” she says to the patient. She smiles, the corner of her mouth twitches minimally, for the first time today. Plattner calls the fact that she has time for something like this the “small, fine freedoms.” They are the great exception in the home care system, which is designed for efficiency. Plattner has known the system for more than two decades. And tricks him by working for Buurtzorg.

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