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    How are we today?


    It is our most precious asset and is even considered by some to be immortal. You can’t hear them, you can’t see them, and yet we sing, compose, write and talk about them so often. Nobody knows what “the soul” is. But it seems plausible that it is related to a healthy brain. Not only does it resonate romantically with another soul “like the stroke of a bow that draws a voice from two strings.” We are drastically and most unromantically in resonance with an environment. We react to fine dust and heat with our mental health in a much more physical way than previously thought. Global warming leaves no one cold, neither externally nor internally. At this year’s DGPPN specialist congress of mental and neurologists, the motto for the first time was: “Ecological Psychiatry and Psychotherapy”. In other words: How does the climate crisis affect mental health? A revolution for a subject that has traditionally been dedicated to the spiritual well-being of individuals. But logically. No one can buy their own outside temperature – not even someone with private insurance.

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