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    Disturbing images from Prigozhin villa surfaced


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    Gold bars, forged passports and billions of rubles in cash – recordings of a raid on the private and business premises of Wagner boss Yevgeny Prigoschin are intended to show how the mercenary boss lived in Russia.

    During his uprising against the Kremlin and in the days that followed, Russian special units searched various private and business premises of the Wagner boss.
    Footage of the raid leaked to Russian media has now surfaced on social media.

    Among other things, the headquarters of his catering company Concord, the media consortium Patriot, a hotel and some restaurants and a luxury property in St. Petersburg were examined.
    In addition to large amounts of money and gold, disturbing things also came to light there.
    In addition, numerous photos were published: They are intended to show how pompously Prigozhin lived in Russia.

    You can see a hospital room, a swimming pool, a sauna and spa area, a prayer room and a helipad.
    In another room there is a particularly disturbing picture: the Wagner boss had probably framed and hung up a photo of human heads, apparently after beheadings.
    A giant sledgehammer, a symbol of the Wagner group, was also secured. It bears the cynical inscription “for important negotiations”.

    In addition to numerous weapons of different calibers, a total of 80 boxes with cash worth around 100 million euros and valuables were seized during the raid – including a military uniform with numerous medals and badges, wigs and documents.
    The officers also found numerous forged passports. Some with Prigozhin’s portrait picture under a fake name, others with Prigozhin’s name but fake photos.

    According to Russian media reports, the money and other items have since been returned.
    Shortly after the pictures from his villa were published, photos that are said to be selfies of Prigozhin in disguise also circulated on Russian channels. It cannot be finally clarified whether these were faked in order to further discredit the Wagner boss.

    The fact that such recordings and photos are made public shows that Prigozhin has apparently lost support in the Russian leadership.
    After the failed revolt of his mercenaries, Prigozhin is said to have been in Belarus for a while, but is now back in St. Petersburg, Russia.
    His exact whereabouts cannot be verified with certainty.
    So far it is unclear what will happen to the private army and its chief.

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