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    Brexit hardliner wants to run in British parliamentary election


    Nigel Farage is considered one of the most flamboyant supporters of Brexit, but did not want to stand in the upcoming general election. Now Farage has made a U-turn.

    After initially ruling out a candidacy, right-wing populist politician and Brexit advocate Nigel Farage now wants to run in the parliamentary elections in Great Britain. “I have changed my mind (…) I will run,” the 60-year-old said at a press conference in London on Monday. Farage is running in the election on July 4 for the Clacton constituency in southeast England as a candidate for the right-wing populist party Reform UK and, according to his own statements, will also take over the chairmanship of the former Brexit Party.

    Farage said he had changed his mind because he “could not disappoint the millions of people” who had supported him in previous elections and referendums. “What I am really calling for and what I want to lead is a political revolt. We must turn our backs on the political status quo,” he added.

    According to the latest YouGov poll, Reform UK currently has 15 percent of the vote, just behind Prime Minister Rishi Sunak's Tories. Farage's candidacy could now deprive the Conservatives of important votes and thus help the opposition Labour Party to take power in Britain for the first time since 2010.

    “I really believe we can get more votes than the Conservative Party. They are on the verge of total collapse,” said Farage, a bitter Eurosceptic and long-time supporter of former US President Donald Trump.

    Farage has so far failed in his seven attempts to become a member of the British Parliament. However, he has already sat in the EU Parliament in Brussels for Ukip, the predecessor party of Reform UK. Farage currently works as a presenter on the conservative television channel GB News, which has ensured him a certain popularity among the conservative electorate.

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