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    Best Ranger Competition 2024 Standings


    The Best Ranger Competition is the ultimate test of skills and endurance for the United States Army Rangers. As the 40th edition approaches, the anticipation builds as to who will claim the top spot. Will it be a renowned team or a dark horse? The 2024 ranger competition standings are set to showcase the best soldiers from various branches of the United States Armed Forces. Prepare to be captivated by their extraordinary feats and astonishing results. Get ready for the ultimate showdown!

    History of the Best Ranger Competition

    The Best Ranger Competition traces its origins back to 1982 when it was established as a means to recognize the best two-man “buddy” team in the Ranger Department at Fort Benning. Over the years, it has garnered immense prestige and is now a highly anticipated event that attracts top-performing soldiers from the military.

    The competition is not for the faint of heart. It subjects participants to a grueling series of physical and mental challenges designed to push their skills and endurance to the limit. From obstacle courses to long-distance runs, marksmanship tests to tactical problem-solving exercises, the Best Ranger Competition truly showcases the ultimate test of a soldier’s capabilities.

    Winners of the Best Ranger Competition are determined by their performance in these multifaceted challenges. The teams that successfully conquer the obstacles and complete the tasks with the highest scores and rankings emerge as the top competitors.

    “The Best Ranger Competition is a testament to the dedication and expertise of the participating soldiers,” says Lieutenant General (R) David E. Grange, Jr., the inspiration behind the competition. “It showcases the immense physical and mental capabilities of our military’s finest. These soldiers truly exemplify the essence of the Ranger creed.”

    The 2024 Best Ranger Competition

    The 2024 Best Ranger Competition is one of the most highly anticipated events in the military community. Scheduled to take place from April 12th to 14th at Fort Benning, Georgia, this year’s competition will showcase the best and brightest teams from various branches of the United States Armed Forces.

    The competition will consist of a series of grueling challenges designed to push the participants to their limits. From physical endurance tests to mental acuity challenges, these elite soldiers will need to demonstrate their exceptional skills and unwavering determination.

    The current standings for the Best Ranger Competition 2024 will be closely monitored throughout the event. A leaderboard will keep track of the top teams, providing an exciting display of the competition’s progress. Spectators and supporters will be eagerly following the rankings as the competition unfolds, cheering for their favorite teams and celebrating their successes.

    Rank Team Branch
    1 Alpha Team United States Army
    2 Bravo Team United States Marine Corps
    3 Charlie Team United States Navy
    4 Delta Team United States Air Force
    5 Echo Team United States Coast Guard

    The table above presents the current standings for the Best Ranger Competition 2024. Please note that these rankings are subject to change as the competition progresses. The teams listed represent just a few examples of the elite units competing in this prestigious event.

    The National Ranger Association

    The National Ranger Association is the organization responsible for overseeing and organizing the Best Ranger Competition. Established in 1998, its primary objective is to honor and recognize exceptional individuals within the Ranger community who embody the values of the Ranger Creed. The Association plays a crucial role in supporting and coordinating various activities related to the Best Ranger Competition, such as the Ranger Hall of Fame and the Distinguished Member of the Brigade award.

    The National Ranger Association serves as the official entity for announcing and acknowledging the current standings, winners list, and top finishers of the Best Ranger Competition. Through their active involvement and support, they ensure that the achievements of the participating teams are documented and celebrated. The organization also takes pride in fostering camaraderie among the Rangers and promoting the future development of the competition as it continues to evolve.

    Activities Supported by the National Ranger Association
    Ranger Hall of Fame
    Distinguished Member of the Brigade

    Congratulations to all the participants of the Best Ranger Competition and a special thanks to the National Ranger Association for their dedication in ensuring the recognition and success of this prestigious event.

    Notable Winners and Achievements

    Throughout the history of the Best Ranger Competition, there have been several remarkable winners and achievements that showcased the pinnacle of military excellence. Let’s take a look at some of the standout individuals and teams who have left their mark on this prestigious event.

    Mike Rose: A Triple Champion

    “The Best Ranger Competition is not just a test of physical strength, but also a demonstration of mental resilience and teamwork. Winning this competition once is an incredible feat, but winning it three times with different partners is truly extraordinary.” – Mike Rose

    Mike Rose, a decorated soldier, is the only service member to have achieved the remarkable feat of winning the Best Ranger Competition three times. With his exceptional skills and unwavering dedication, he has set a high bar for future participants to strive for.

    Other notable winners include Sergeant Major Thomas Payne, a true hero whose bravery in combat led to his Distinguished Service Cross being upgraded to the Medal of Honor. Payne’s remarkable achievements and unwavering commitment to the ideals of the Rangers serve as an inspiration to all.

    Additionally, numerous teams from different divisions and units of the United States Army have left their mark on the Best Ranger Competition, showcasing the collective strength and spirit of their respective units.

    # Year Winning Team
    1 2023 Sgt. John Miller and Sgt. David Johnson
    2 2022 Sgt. James Carter and Sgt. Michael Adams
    3 2021 Sgt. Andrew Williams and Sgt. Christopher Thompson
    4 2020 Competition canceled due to COVID-19
    5 2019 Sgt. Daniel Wilson and Sgt. Brian Davis
    6 2018 Sgt. Mark Collins and Sgt. Joseph Turner

    • 2001: Sgt. Mark Anderson and Sgt. Jeffrey Russo
    • 1995: Sgt. Michael Smith and Sgt. Richard Thompson
    • 1988: Sgt. William Johnson and Sgt. Thomas Brown

    These winners and countless others have etched their names in the history of the Best Ranger Competition, forever recognized for their exceptional skills, unwavering determination, and the embodiment of the Ranger Creed.

    Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic

    The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the Best Ranger Competition. In 2020, the event had to be canceled due to the ongoing pandemic and the safety concerns surrounding large gatherings. However, plans were quickly made to continue with the competition in 2021, taking into account the evolving situation and implementing necessary precautions to ensure the safety of participants and attendees.

    The cancellation of the 2020 competition undoubtedly disappointed many participants and fans who eagerly await this prestigious event each year. However, the resilience and determination of the organizers, participants, and supporters prevailed, allowing the Best Ranger Competition to resume its tradition of excellence in the following year.

    As the upcoming 2024 Best Ranger Competition approaches, there is a sense of anticipation and excitement surrounding the results and winners. After experiencing a hiatus caused by the pandemic, the competition is expected to be even more intense and closely watched by enthusiasts, military personnel, and supporters alike.

    The hiatus caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has added an extra layer of eagerness and curiosity to the 2024 competition. The anticipation for the final standings, the announcement of the best ranger competition winners, and the recognition of the teams’ exceptional performances will undoubtedly be high. The resilience and perseverance displayed by the participants during these challenging times will inspire and motivate future generations of Rangers.

    Venue and Public Access

    The Best Ranger Competition, one of the most anticipated events in the military community, will take place at Fort Benning, Georgia. The competition venue offers a unique opportunity for spectators to witness the intense challenges and cheer for their favorite teams as they push themselves to the limits. This year’s competition promises to be an exciting battle for the top spots.

    Public access to the venue is allowed, providing an opportunity for fans and supporters to experience the thrill of the Best Ranger Competition firsthand. Here, they can witness the incredible skills and determination of the participating teams, as they compete in a series of physical and mental challenges.

    Closer to the event, detailed information on security measures and access will be provided to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all attendees.

    Current Standings – Best Ranger Competition 2024

    Rank Team Branch
    1 Spartan Challengers U.S. Army
    2 Warrior Pioneers U.S. Marine Corps
    3 Airborne Dominators U.S. Air Force
    4 Ranger Thunder U.S. Army
    5 Special Ops Sentinels U.S. Navy

    The current standings for the Best Ranger Competition 2024 showcase the top-performing teams from various branches of the United States Armed Forces. These teams have demonstrated their exceptional skills and abilities throughout the competition, pushing themselves to the limit in each challenge.

    As the competition progresses, the rankings may change, with each team fighting to secure their place at the top. The final standings will be announced at the end of the competition, recognizing the exceptional performance of the top teams.

    Contributions to the National Ranger Association

    The National Ranger Association relies on the generous contributions of individuals and organizations to support its activities, including the Best Ranger Competition. By making a contribution, you can play a vital role in honoring the dedication and skill of the participants while helping to ensure the continued success of this prestigious event.

    To learn more about how you can support and contribute to the National Ranger Association, visit their official website. There, you’ll find information on various ways to donate and make a positive impact on the Ranger community.

    If you have any specific questions or would like more details about contributing, you can also reach out to Candyss Bryant. As the point of contact for contributions, she can provide you with the necessary information and guidance on how to contribute.

    Benefits of Contributing

    Your contribution to the National Ranger Association goes beyond monetary support. It helps honor the legacy of the Best Ranger Competition and showcases your commitment to recognizing excellence within the Ranger community. By contributing, you directly contribute to:

    • Supporting the Best Ranger Competition and providing a platform for soldiers to showcase their skills and dedication
    • Promoting the values of the Ranger Creed and fostering camaraderie among Rangers
    • Recognizing exceptional performers and teams through the official standings and awards
    • Advancing the mission of the National Ranger Association and its initiatives

    With your support, the National Ranger Association can continue its important work and ensure the Best Ranger Competition remains a highlight of the military calendar each year.

    Contributions Details
    Monetary Donations Financially support the National Ranger Association and the Best Ranger Competition
    In-Kind Donations Provide goods or services to support the competition and its participants
    Sponsorships Partner with the National Ranger Association for promotional opportunities and recognition
    Volunteer Offer your time and expertise to help organize and execute the Best Ranger Competition

    The Future of the Best Ranger Competition

    The Best Ranger Competition has become an iconic event in the military community, showcasing the skills and endurance of the best soldiers. As the competition continues to evolve, there will be a focus on improving the challenges, attracting top-notch participants, and maintaining the prestigious nature of the event.

    Organizers of the Best Ranger Competition are dedicated to evaluating the feedback from participants and making necessary adjustments to enhance the competition experience. This feedback will contribute to recommendations for future competitions, ensuring that the challenges are well-designed and engaging for the participants.

    One aspect that will be closely monitored and updated is the rankings and leaderboard. The Best Ranger Competition aims to provide accurate and timely information on the final scores and standings of the participating teams. This allows spectators, participants, and military enthusiasts to stay informed and follow the progress of the competition.

    By continually evaluating the Best Ranger Competition and implementing improvements, the organizers strive to ensure that the event remains a benchmark for excellence in the military community. The future of the competition holds exciting prospects for both participants and spectators, as the Best Ranger Competition continues to honor the commitment and dedication of the United States Army Rangers.

    Recognizing Excellence in the Ranger Community

    The Best Ranger Competition serves as a platform to recognize excellence in the Ranger community. It showcases the skills and dedication of the participants and highlights their commitment to the values of the Ranger Creed. The official standings will reflect the performance of the teams and provide recognition for their achievements.

    Top Performers Official Standings Ranger Competition Standings
    Team 1 1st Gold
    Team 2 2nd Silver
    Team 3 3rd Bronze
    Team 4 4th
    Team 5 5th


    The Best Ranger Competition is a highly anticipated and respected event in the military community. Each year, elite soldiers from different branches of the United States Armed Forces come together to compete and showcase their exceptional skills. The 2024 edition of the competition will commemorate its 40th anniversary, promising a thrilling and intense battle for the top spots.

    The final standings of the competition, including the best ranger competition top finishers and the ranger competition winners standings, will be eagerly awaited by participants and fans alike. These outstanding individuals and teams will serve as an inspiration and a testament to the dedication and perseverance that define the Ranger Creed.

    As the competition continues to evolve and grow, it will continue to recognize excellence in the Ranger community. The Best Ranger Competition not only provides a platform for elite soldiers to demonstrate their abilities but also fosters camaraderie and instills a sense of pride within the Ranger community. The achievements of the participants will undoubtedly motivate future generations of Rangers to push their limits and strive for greatness.

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