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    Berlin public prosecutor investigates Till Lindemann


    The public prosecutor’s office in Berlin has launched an investigation against Till Lindemann, singer of the band Rammstein, initiated. The authority confirmed corresponding media reports on Wednesday. According to the public prosecutor’s office, the investigations were started ex officio and on the basis of several reports from third parties – “not involved in any crime”. There are allegations “in the area of ​​sexual offenses and the sale of narcotics”. The public prosecutor’s office did not provide any further information with regard to the personal rights of the potentially injured party and the accused.

    In the afternoon, the Berlin Senator for Justice Felor Badenberg (independent) informed the members of the Judiciary Committee in the Berlin House of Representatives – in camera – that there were several criminal charges against Lindemann and that the authorities were investigating. Law firms commissioned by Rammstein and Lindemann and a spokesman for the band have not yet responded to inquiries about the investigation.

    Shortly after the start of Rammstein’s ongoing European tour, several women made allegations against Lindemann. They reported on an alleged system that primarily serves to introduce young women to the band’s frontman. There were also sexual acts that women described as violent and abusive. The Southgerman newspaper and the NDR had reported about it.

    Through a law firm, Lindemann had the allegations raised “by various women” in particular in social networks that women at Rammstein concerts had been drugged with knockout drops or alcohol to enable the singer to perform sexual acts on them to be able to be rejected as “invariably untrue”. Legal action will be taken immediately against individuals.

    In a statement published by Rammstein on Instagram, it was previously said: “The publications of the last few days have caused irritation and questions among the public and especially among our fans. The allegations have affected us all very much and we take them extremely seriously.”

    No after-show parties on Berlin’s state-owned properties

    In July, three concerts by the band in the Berlin Olympic Stadium are scheduled. In view of the allegations against Lindemann, Berlin’s Senator for the Interior has confirmed that there will be no after-show parties for the band in the country’s properties. “The allegations are so serious that I gave absolute priority to the protection and safety of women and stopped the rental contracts that would have been due for the after-show parties,” said Iris Spranger (SPD) on Monday in the Interior Committee of the House of Representatives.

    When asked, Spranger said: “The rental contracts for the parties have not been decided, I have prevented that. I cannot ban the concerts as such, it is not in my sovereignty.” She added that the presumption of innocence naturally applies in the rule of law, but the state also has an obligation to ward off dangers. Spranger did not provide any more precise information on when exactly she intervened in planned contracts or how many inquiries there were at all. At the beginning of June, she announced on Twitter that she did not want to allow parties.

    According to information from the administration, the so-called properties are two areas near the Olympic Stadium, where the concert will take place in July. Namely, areas on the grounds of the Olympic Park and Olympic Pool.

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