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    Anti-Semitism at Universities: Your Hatred of Jews – Culture


    We are the ones causing suffering and chaos, aren't we? About the protests at universities and the latest variations in the long history of anti-Semitism.

    The self-described “woke” left is demonstrating in the streets and universities around the world to demand the liberation of Palestine, which in many cases is tantamount to the elimination of Israel. These protests are very different from the demand for a political solution to the unbearably complex conflict that divides Israelis and Palestinians. They celebrated Hamas, a terrorist and fundamentalist organization, and often embraced its goals; they advocate breaking off relations with Israel, a very imperfect but undeniably democratic society.

    SZ PlusHatred of Jews and everyday life

    :Dear anti-Semites

    Many of you hate us, but some of you even love us: you are right-wing, left-wing, stupid, smart, diverse, wearing mohawks, burqas or miniskirts. A clarification for dark days in Germany.

    Guest post by Alexander Estis

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