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    Annual review 2023 –


    Dear readers,

    There were also moments of confidence in 2023. The corona pandemic is a thing of the past, there is no longer a requirement to wear a mask or test. In Poland, people chose change. Warsaw will become a partner in the EU again with Donald Tusk. Germany can also do it quickly if it wants to. The energy crisis, for example, is accelerating the construction of LNG terminals.

    But overall, 2023 was a terrible year full of wars and disasters. The Ukrainians are fighting a grueling defensive battle against the Russian attackers with no foreseeable end. Since the terrorist attack by Hamas on Israel and the war in the Gaza Strip, there has also been a threat of conflagration in the Middle East. Turkey, Syria and Morocco are shaken by violent earthquakes, and Libya is hit by a deadly flood. While countless people will drown in the Mediterranean again in 2023 while fleeing to Europe, the EU is tightening its asylum laws. And in the USA, Donald Trump is reappearing on the horizon in the fight for the presidency, despite charges.

    In the interactive annual review you can read, trace and scroll through 2023 again. We let you experience the year in a timeline, divided into topics and the most important events. Anyone interested in politics reads through the political year, sports fans scroll through the sports timeline, culture enthusiasts delve into the features section. And if you have a wide range of interests, choose the timeline in which we have mixed all the topics. The events are located in points and explained with texts, images and graphics. You can delve into the big themes of the year and discover new pieces written specifically for this review.

    The SZ editorial team wishes you a varied and good read.

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