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    German-Russian arrested in St. Petersburg


    He is said to have campaigned for better cycling in Russia: Now a German-Russian citizen is said to have been arrested in St. Petersburg.

    A German-Russian citizen has been arrested in the Russian city of St. Petersburg. This is reported by several media outlets, including the “Jüdische Allgemeine”. The German Foreign Ministry is also aware of the incident.

    Specifically, the German-Russian was stopped by police in St. Petersburg last week while he was riding his bicycle. He has now been taken to Moscow, where he is being held in the well-known Lefortovo prison. His apartment was also searched on suspicion of treason, his family told friends in Germany.

    Officially, the Russian authorities have not yet given a reason for the arrest. Most recently, the man had campaigned for cycling in Russia, among other things. In addition, he is said to have been involved in an organization in Germany that is supposed to help people from Russia, Ukraine and other countries obtain residence permits for Germany. The Jew is also said to have had close ties to the Jewish community in Germany.

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