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    Dozens of Russian soldiers killed in attack


    The capture of Avdiivka is a major success in the war for the Russian armed forces. But now, according to media, they suffered heavy losses elsewhere in the eastern Ukrainian region of Donetsk.

    According to media reports, dozens of soldiers were killed in a Ukrainian rocket strike on a Russian-controlled military training area in the Donetsk region. The Ukrainian military fired on motorized infantry riflemen from Transbaikalia, a Siberian region east of Lake Baikal, as they waited for their commander, the BBC's Russian service reported on Wednesday night. According to the editorial team's assessment, based on available images and video material, there were at least 60 deaths. There was initially no information about the incident from Moscow. Russian military bloggers, however, confirmed the attack.

    Accordingly, the incident occurred on Tuesday afternoon near the village of Trudivske in the Volnovakha region. The Russian troops had already conquered the area shortly after the outbreak of the war of aggression ordered by Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin. It is around 20 kilometers to the current front line. Now two rockets from a US Himar-type multiple rocket launcher are said to have hit there. “The commanders set us up in an open field,” the BBC quoted one of the survivors as saying.

    The hit was also confirmed by the influential Telegram channel Rybar, which is close to the Russian Defense Ministry. In addition to the negligence of the commanding officers, the channel also complained about the publication of the pictures by the survivors: the enemy had thereby gained propaganda material.

    Cases are repeatedly made public in which Ukraine manages to inflict heavy losses on the Russian army due to its negligence. However, the Ukrainian defenders are significantly inferior to the attackers in terms of firepower and personnel because of the halting Western military aid and have therefore been on the defensive for some time.

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