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    After Trump’s guilty verdict: Polls show two losers


    The first polls following the conviction of former President Donald Trump are in. Two losers are emerging.

    The first poll results after Donald Trump's conviction show that this could have a negative impact on his chances of re-election. Trump is losing support, especially among the important group of “independent voters.” This is reported by the “Bild” newspaper, citing a survey by the opinion research institute Morning Consult.

    49 percent of voters who identify as independent believe that Trump should give up his candidacy because of his conviction. In general, a majority of registered voters, 54 percent, welcome the conviction. 44 percent of voters also believe that Trump should go to prison. However, the majority believe that a fine would be appropriate.

    The situation is different for supporters of the Republican Party. Although 15 percent of Republicans still believe that Trump should not run for office after his conviction, for the majority the guilty verdict does not change their voting decision.

    Overall, the race between incumbent President Joe Biden and Trump remains close. In the Morning Consult poll, Biden is narrowly ahead of Trump with 45 percent compared to 44 percent. The website, which calculates the average from a large number of polls, still sees Trump with 41 percent slightly ahead of Biden with 39.8 percent.

    In addition to Trump, there is another loser in the polls – the US legal system. Three quarters of all Republicans say that the verdict has reduced their trust in the system. In addition, a clear majority of Republican voters believe the verdict is politically motivated, an assessment that 43 percent of independent voters also share.

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