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    273 answers that lead nowhere


    For the first time, key witness Oliver Bellenhaus answers questions asked by Markus Braun's lawyers. But he uses a trick that saves him from unpleasant situations.

    There is a popular saying among criminal defense lawyers: Defendants who want to become key witnesses must lower their pants – “down to their ankles.” The lawyer Florian Eder has also used this formulation. The problem: His client Oliver Bellenhaus hasn't really adhered to this so far and has simply refused to answer a number of questions. Wirecard's former governor in Dubai was released from custody last week. Which also seems to make it clear that the court believes its account of who is responsible for Wirecard's spectacular collapse in June 2020. At that time it became clear that almost two billion euros were not in escrow accounts in Asia as stated. Bellenhaus is now officially considered a key witness in what is probably the largest economic trial in German post-war history.

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