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The Miss Rodeo Colorado Pageant is not a beauty contest; however, it strives to find a representative who will act, speak, and dress in a manner consistent with the prestige the title deserves.  This young woman would have the following qualities:

1.     Desire to be a leader in her community and promote the state’s great Western Heritage and Western way of life.
2.     Love of horses and everything they represent.
3.     Desire to act as the official representative of Rodeo to the general public, including the following traits:
        •   Unexcelled sportsmanship
        •   High moral and ethical character
        •   Careful and humane treatment of animals
        •   Understanding of the sport of Rodeo
        •   Ability to speak intelligently, with dignity and sincerity to explain and sell Rodeo to     
        anyone; even someone who knows nothing about the sport
        •   Willingness to travel across the state of Colorado and to Mountain States Circuit Rodeos
4.     Interest in furthering her chosen career through higher education and special training.
5.     Appreciation for the rewards she receives and the value of the many sponsors of the Miss Rodeo Colorado Pageant.

March 20, 2016 - Applications Due

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2017 Miss Rodeo Colorado Pageant Finals Schedule

All activities and prices are tentative and may change

June 28      4:00-6:00 p.m.*         Parent/Visiting Royalty Social- Dinner at 4-H Building with                                                                              Personality Questions for contestants ($15 for all guests)

        5:45 p.m.*                 Contestants and Visiting Royalty Line Up for Parade in the Park   

   6:00 p.m.*                 Parade in the Park

   6:30 p.m.*                Sign autographs at Roper booth in Events Center



                                                June 29


            9:30 a.m.*                   Horsemanship – Greeley Stampede Main Arena



            5:20 -5:50 p.m.*          Sign at Roper booth

            6:00 p.m.*                   Parade in the Park (6:00 p.m.)                        

            7:00 p.m.*                   Rodeo with Queen’s Run

            After Rodeo                 Fashion show practice at 4H Building

June 30

                                                            8:30 a.m.                     Breakfast (Everyone dressed)

            9:30 a.m.                     Written Test  4-H Building

            10:30 a.m.*                 Speeches/Media Interview/Current Event Questions

            12:00 p.m.                   Lunch at Currier Inn for contestants, judges, committee

2:30 – 4:30 p.m.          Personality Interviews at Great West Bank

            5:00 p.m.*                   Dinner at McDonald’s

            6:20 p.m.                     Meet people who are at Spur Club

            7:00 p.m.                     Fashion Show Practice at 4H Building

July 1

            8:00 a.m.                     Breakfast (Dressed)

            9:00 a.m.                     Check out of rooms (Parents need to pick up items at this time)

            9:15 a.m.                     Leave for UCCC to drop off fashion show items and have rehearsal

            9:30 – 12:00                Rehearsals and lunch  

            1:00 – 3:30 p.m.*        Sponsorship Appearances at Accessories with a Flair, Boot Barn and Greeley Hat Works

            3:30 p.m.                     Return to UCCC for rehearsals

            4:30 p.m.*                   Doors open for Heavy Hors D’evours and Silent Auction

            5:30 p.m.*                   Begin Fashion Show/Coronation

                                                Union Colony Civic Center

                                                $40 for adults, $15 for Children under 8

                                                General Admission tickets can be purchased from UCCC

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